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Tagträumen, entspannen und geniessen!

Zirpende Grillen, bunte Schmetterlinge, zwitschernde Vögel - ein Sommertag kann auch ein akustisches Erlebnis sein. Vor allem, wenn Sie Ihn nicht an einem überfüllten Strand verbringen, sondern auf der weitläufigen Wiese unseres Kaiserstuhl-Spa. Wenn Sie sonntags oder montags zu den ausgewählten Daten anreisen, für 4 Nächte bleiben und Halbpension buchen, schenken wir Ihnen eine Übernachtung.

Kreuz-Post spa-etiquette 

Easy entry into the world of spas

From the fitting dress code to the reservation in advance: Here are a few tips for your Kreuz-Post spa visit.



You will receive a bathrobe, towels and slippers from us for you to borrow. In deference to the other guests we ask you to wear swimwear inside the pool area. In Germany and the Kaiserstuhl region it is usual to enter the sauna naked (nude). 

Clothing during the treatments

During massages, cosmetic and body treatments your body is covered and only the body part which is being dealt with at the moment is exposed. You will receive a slip for one-time use only.


Please use our sauna-towels as a full base (please put also your feet on the towel). The rule is: no sweat on the wood. Quickly close the door behind you so that the heat and steam stay inside. If you feel uncomfortable, you can wrap your body in a big towel. 


You should generally avoid the sun after your treatment. Following a body peeling or an oil massage you should wait at least 12 hours until your next sunbath (solarium). 


Smoking isn´t allowed in the spa area. You are welcome to smoke on the deck of our bistro near the spa reception.

Environmental awareness 

An integrative part of a spa visitor is the respectful handling of the environment. Please use only as many towels as you need.

Gift vouchers

We gladly issue gift vouchers for you that you can redeem in an experience of your choice.


To comply with your desired date as early as possible we ask you to make your reservations prematurely to your arrival. Of course, we also try to implement short-term appointments. Please talk to the reception inside the Kreuz-Post, call us under +49(0)7662 90910 or write us at info@kreuz-post.de. Please arrive at least five minutes early so that you can get the whole pleasure of your booked pampering time.


Sadly, it is not possible to extend the treatments over the agreed time of the appointment. If you arrive later then booked, your time is reduced corresponding to your arrival.


We charge all cancellations at short notice with 80 percent of the original price. If you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance there won´t be any charge.

We take your needs seriously 

At our reception we help you with the planning of your personal spa experience. Please inform us about any medical particularities. You can talk directly to the treating therapist about your wishes and suggestions, be they regarding massage pressure, lighting, music or warmth regulation.