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Tagträumen, entspannen und geniessen!

Zirpende Grillen, bunte Schmetterlinge, zwitschernde Vögel - ein Sommertag kann auch ein akustisches Erlebnis sein. Vor allem, wenn Sie Ihn nicht an einem überfüllten Strand verbringen, sondern auf der weitläufigen Wiese unseres Kaiserstuhl-Spa. Wenn Sie sonntags oder montags zu den ausgewählten Daten anreisen, für 4 Nächte bleiben und Halbpension buchen, schenken wir Ihnen eine Übernachtung.

Over 200 years of tradition


To pay back war depts, in 1809 the community of Burkheim sells the “Heilig-Kreuz-Äcker” (“Holy-cross-farmlands”), named after the nearly decayed chapel “Zum Heiligen Kreuz” (“To the holy cross”), to Ignaz Jäger. There he builds the tavern “Kreuz” (“cross”) which is later managed by his first son Franz-Michael Jäger. After Franz-Michael emigrates, Emmanuel Gschwender, his brother-in-law, takes over the tavern. Till this day a cross reminds of the small chapel in which the Burkheimer community prayed when the still uncontrolled Rhine threatened to overflow the town.


After there is no threat of flooding anymore and a long detour becomes unnecessary after the straightening of the Rhine (1840-1850), the host of Kreuz and councilman Emmanuel Gschwender sets up a letter and postal service in 1850. Because of this, the hotel has its double name “Kreuz-Post”.


In 1901, Ernst and Maria Gschwender take over the postal office of Burkheim into their tavern. After the death of her husband in 1947, Maria manages the postal business alone while her son-in-law, Eugen Gehr, takes over the gastronomy. 




After the passing of her husband, Olga, daughter of Ernst and Maria Gschwender, leads the Kreuz-Post. She renovates and expands the dining area and the guest rooms. 




In 1962, Olgas son Ernst Gehr takes over the tavern with the help of his wife Hannelore. Hannelore manages the postal office but hands it over to someone outside the family when she retires. 


The many tourists but also the local regulars are supposed to feel comfortable. Therefore, Ernst Gehr begins a fundamental renovation in 1970. The former mailrooms get replaced by a guild room for the farmers and winegrowers.



With the growing tourism, the Kreuz-Post continues to develop. In 1980, another reconstruction gets done. The architect Mittl from Breisach succeeds in connecting tradition and modern comfort without any breaks in style. The main room of the restaurant has now space for 85 people, the room next to it has 55 more chairs. In addition to that, there are now guest rooms with 27 beds and a sunbathing deck for guests only. 

Shortly after, the next generation, in form of son Reiner Gehr, comes into play. After stops in Switzerland and times on the luxury liner “Queen Elizabeth 2” he proceeds to take the examination to become a chef.


1990 marks the expansion of the Kreuz-Post from a tavern to a country hotel: Guest rooms get enhanced again and the “Lazarus-von-Schwendi-Stube”, a room for smaller societies and conferences, gets added to the hotel. Furthermore, “Poststüble”, a wine and beer bar with two bowling alleys is perfect for social events. A beer garden gets build inside the courtyard, the kitchen gets extended and new parking lots get added. 

Also, Kreuz-Post is a founding member of the “Posthotel Deutschland e.V.” and is a member of the circle of gastronomy in the Kaiserstuhl region.



In 1993, Reiner Gehr marries the Alsatian woman Isabelle Schmidt. The two trained chefs not only bring enjoyment of their profession but also a lot of experience into the family business.


In 1994, there´s another rebuilt. A new guest house with 16 modern rooms, a balcony, a lift and a conference and breakfast room named “Jörg-Wickram-Stube” replaces an old barn. The distillery gets built as an extension at the end of the bowling alley and the meadow becomes a hotel park. With that, Kreuz-Post is the first hotel in the biggest wine-growing district in Baden-Württemberg to accommodate and indulge 50 guests. 



On the 25th of December in 1998, the first guests move into the new branch right across the hotel. There, 5 comfortable and big rooms set new standards in comfort and design. 


On the 1st of January, Reiner and Isabelle Gehr take over the management of the hotel to carry on the tradition. 



The building gets a new look. Using old copies and pictures as a model, the front of the hotel gets a complex restauration. 


10.000 square meters of trees get planted south of the hotel. A beautiful park with a playground for kids and a shed forms.  


The young generation adds new drive! The courtyard is roofed over and transformed into an atrium with an open fireplace. Inside the new lounge, the guests can enjoy the sunset over Burkheim and the beer garden is great for a relaxing get together with a view.



Happy 200th Birthday „Kreuz-Post“!


In addition to the classic touring bikes, the Kreuz-Post now also offers its guests e-bikes - making the Kaiserstuhl bike tour even more fun!


After nearly 2 years of planning and construction, the new wellness area opens to the public on Christmas day. The first spa in the Kaiserstuhl region now replaces the former bowling area. The spa includes the “Schwarzbrenner-Sauna”, relaxation rooms, a large beauty-area, a beautiful pool and a generous lawn. 

For the cyclists there is next to the bicycle and e-bike rental also a fully equipped bicycle workshop.